Thursday, March 7, 2013

A line from 'The Response'

"'Air On the G String' is a famous piece of music by Johann Sebastian Bach and not what happens when a woman eats too many beans and then wears a skimpy bikini. "  — the pianist AndrĂ© De La Lemieux in my novel 'The Response'

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Writer's block?

I do not believe in writer's block, and neither should you. If staring at a blank page keeps you from writing, just fill it with words. That's what I do. I just start writing. The key is not to expect anything meaningful from the get go.  As I once pointed out, the muses do not talk you INTO writing, they talk to you WHILE you write. In my experience, even when I start out completely uninspired, it does not take long before a thought comes to me, a precious new insight perhaps or a gem of a metaphor, which I had no idea would rise from my unconscious mind. I may delete everything I wrote up to that point, but it was still the simple process of writing it that brought me there.
So when I find myself not writing, I don't blame it on writer's block. I blame it on a lack of discipline. Every time I sit down to write, the above happens to me, but the problem is that I cannot always bring myself to sit down.
Maybe I should do my writing while standing. ;-)