Wednesday, January 22, 2014

— — —

While surfing the internet on my commute to work, I read that many portions of THE ARABIAN NIGHTS were written in mono-rhyme, which is frequently used in classical Arabic poetry. That inspired me. So I decided right then and there to put a few lines together, all of them written not only in mono-rhyme, but also in strict iambic pentameter without any rhythmic variations. So here they are, the thoughts of a man hopelessly in love but not at all certain yet whether his feelings will be returned:

She'll be the star by which I navigate,
My sure escape from a most dire fate,
The final word that wins the tough debate,
My soul's redeemer and its precious mate.
I bared my heart to her, so now I wait,
And her response will only be too late
When, carved in stone, my name with final date
Declares that I have moved past love and hate.

Copyright © 2014 Ruppert Lindemann