Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A line from 'Queen Makeda's Sister'

"Unrequited love is slowly poisoning my soul, but I shall never let hate be the antidote." — Tehtena, Sister of Makeda, Princess of Sheba

(A question for my writer friends out there: Do you think 'hatred' would be better than 'hate' in the above sentence? I would like to hear your opinion.)


  1. I do believe your instincts are correct. I think hatred sounds stronger in the sentence. I say go for it! : )

  2. I say "hate"

    You are quite talented. I for one look forward to reading Queen Makeda's Sister. I hope you do a better job of it than French author Mark Halter did with "Tsipporah"www.deloryswelchtyson.com