Thursday, December 6, 2012

Who wrote this?

I started work on this trilogy more than three years ago. To my surprise, the fact that I have been at it for so long presents me with a peculiar challenge now that I am editing some of the earlier chapters: I am no longer the person who wrote them. Wounds I had back then are almost healed now. Older dreams faded and new ones took their place. My outlook on life has changed in subtle ways. 

With some of the thoughts I put down then, I have difficulties remembering exactly what gave rise to them. And yet with others, I know where they came from but do not wish to remember.

My writing style, too, is slightly different today, and so I am busy now making the necessary changes, lest the three books look as if they were written by different authors.

It is an interesting experience to come face to face with the guy who started writing this story. He sometimes make me smile, but more often he makes me cringe and shake my head. All in all, though, we are getting along quite well.

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